A Natural Wonder in our very own backyard!

Las Vegas actually has so many great hiking spots in and around Las Vegas! With The Red Rocks Mountains, Mount Charleston, The Lake Mead area, and Frenchman Trails! Plus, our very own Valley Of Fire!
We highlighted the highly recommended TAKE A HIKE VEGAS! tour company and owner, David Bonilla was our guide! Our hike through the Valley of Fire was incredible; he told us about the history, the geography, and the wildlife! His service picks you up, packs the water, sunscreen, and the snacks then let’s you sleep on the drive home!
Moving sideways and up and down on the uneven path burns more calories than walking, plus keeps you sharp while using your brain to quickly chose the best steps as you go! Some hikes are dog friendly and all hikes put us in incredible moods! Hiking is very beneficial for mental health and great for all ages!

Hiking is Walking Meditation... magical and spiritual and always a good idea!

Las Vegas is MAGIC to me! With so much to offer, do and see and actually fitness at every turn! Everything about Las Vegas is over the top and all about the experience! Your workout should also be as fun and fabulous! As is this FIT FRIDAY!

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