Jacked Up Tuna Salad

unnamedWe love tuna!  Low in calories and loaded with protein it’s a Shred and Sparkle pantry staple.  You can’t go wrong for a quick lunch.  The problem comes when you mix in mayo- one measly tablespoon has 100 calories!  You can easily end up with more calories from mayo (no nutrients or anything to fill you up) than you have from the tuna.  This picture is a standard size soup bowl, with just one small can of tuna.  The trick is to bulk it up with lots of tasty veggies and condiments so you turn that little can into a big hearty meal for right around 200 calories.  140 for the tuna, 60-100 for everything else, depending on what you choose.  Make a big can and stash it in individual portions for easy lunches.  We think this is tasty enough to eat with a fork, but we also like to wrap it in lettuce, scoop it on cucumber, or if you want a sandwich wheat bread is best.


  1. Empty one small can of solid white tuna into a good sized bowl and break up with a fork.
  2. Add 2 T plain non fat Greek yogurt (don’t worry it only sounds a little gross.  You’ll never know!)
  3. Add 2 T creamy dijon mustard, we like the garlic aioli mustard from Trader Joes.  It has more calories than plain dijon- 40 in 2 T but it’s really good.
  4. Add a generous spoon of pickle relish.
  5. Add any or all of the following: chopped red onion, dill pickle, pepperoncinis, or cherry peppers.
  6. Season with dried dill and pepper.  If you like some Coleman’s mustard powder is a great addition!



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