Longer Leaner Muscles, Tighter CORE with PILATES!

Pilates offers so much... add a hammock and oh my....

Pilates is the best exercise that is low impact, but focused on intensity. Controlled movements ensure no injuries, but allows you to heal properly from previous injuries. Traction for the whole body.
With Reformer to Booty Burn to Kids Classes! The events are unreal… Sound Meditation in Hammocks with Violin, or signing bowls and aromatherapy! You’ve got to try it! Call or Text (702) 321-2466 1970 Village Center Circle, Suite 5 Las Vegas, Nevada 89134

Long lean ballerina muscles while saving your joints!

Las Vegas is MAGIC to me! With so much to offer, do and see and actually fitness at every turn! Everything about Las Vegas is over the top and all about the experience! Your workout should also be as fun and fabulous! As is this FIT FRIDAY!

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