A serious calorie, full body burning workout!

Fun Workout to mix things up!

AquaBike Fitness is great for any age looking to lean out. 

This workout is the perfect solution for injuries and easing into fitness. It is very low impact, and easy on the joints. The instructors incorporate arms, abs and chest – so yes you’ll get a FULL BODY BURN!

With Two Locations in Henderson, Nevada!

Multigenerational Center 250 S. Green Valley Parkway Henderson, NV 89012. Telephone (702) 748-0460 Whitney Ranch Recreation Center 1575-C Galleria Dr. Henderson, NV 89014. Telephone (702) 748-0460

Burn those calories and slim your legs while saving your joints!

Las Vegas is MAGIC to me! With so much to offer, do and see and actually fitness at every turn! Everything about Las Vegas is over the top and all about the experience! Your workout should also be as fun and fabulous! As is this FIT FRIDAY!

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