Workout with Me at the Hottest Gyms with the BEST Trainers in Vegas!

I Love to workout, but just like you - I need motivation and someone incredible to tell me what to do! So I created Shred and Sparkle.
A hub of the best fitness trainers in the industry right here in the sizzling sin city of Las Vegas. With so many athletes, dancers, performers, gymnasts and gym rats, there is no shortage of Fitness Pros.
So join the Shred and Sparkle community and Subscribe, Follow, and Like and lets workout together as I highlight the best FIT PROS and their techniques just for us! We'll dance, kick box, HITT, Yoga, PiYo, and strength train using our own body weight. We'll even work out UFC style!

FIT FRIDAY'S with Shred and Sparkle is a bi-weekly segment on FOX5 The MORE SHOW Sponsored by The RAIDERS and ATHLETA
Angelique Gorges


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Nov 16 - 17 2019

Angelique Gorges

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Shred and Sparkle is sponsored by KIND bars

I am honored to offer KIND Bar snacks at my Las Vegas events!
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so many fun ways to WORKOUT

Handcrafted workouts that instantly wake up your endorphins. Whether it’s yoga, kickboxing or cardio dance, we’ll workout with the finest trainers who produce bikini body ready results everyday so that you are ready all year long! 


We give it our all during our workouts, so here you’ll find delicious, creative and lean for ideas to keep your hard work paying off and showing off.

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Health and Sparkle

On the Shred and Sparkle beauty community, we’ll highlight some tips on staying fresh, feeling young and looking healthy that’ll keep you Shred and Sparkling everyday!

Workouts for battle

No equipment needed grab a friend, sweat together and have tons of fun! With any workout, especially kickboxing moves just keep your core tight and abs engaged – and it’s always a FULL body workout! 

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The Sweat Collection

The best way to experience Shred and Sparkle’s wide collection of workouts is to visit the youtube channel. Follow the workouts, choose different body parts and stick around for a great meal tip!